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Initial Examination and Treatment

An initial chiropractic assessment involves a history, physical exam and diagnosis of the patient condition. Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment and treatment plan will be created with the patient to ensure patient improvement and goals are met at each visit. The initial assessment visit includes a first treatment if no referral is needed at the time of assessment. This treatment typically takes 45 minutes in length.


Chiropractic and Acupuncture Treatment

This treatment includes the combination of chiropractic adjusting and modalities with acupuncture. This treatment typically takes 30-40 minutes in length.


Chiropractic Treatment

This treatment involves the use of chiropractic adjusting (or mobilization) often in combination with modalities that can include: instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, muscle release technique, E-STIM, shockwave, laser and ultrasound. This treatment is typically 20-30 minutes in length.



This treatment involves the use of inserting acupuncture needles into injured areas in order to stimulate the nervous system to create tissue healing, decrease pain and increase muscle strength and coordination. This treatment is typically 20-30 minutes in length.


Rehab Therapy

After I asses and treat my patients I provide take home rehab exercises to be performed at home on the patient's own time. These exercises are aimed to speed up patient recovery as well as prevent future injuries from reoccurring.

$85 (1 hour) OR $70 (45 mins)

Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation

Clinical Pilates involves a private one-on-one reformer or mat pilates session. During this session we will perform exercises that are specific to treating your injury. The goal of this session is to stretch and strengthen areas of weakness to aid in recovery as well as injury prevention.

Please note that there is a $5 seniors discount that is applicable to all services for patients age 65+.

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